Meet Brianna

From D1 Student Athlete to Personal Trainer

Fitness and working has been a part of Brianna’s life since the age of eight. Growing up, this Rochester, NY, native held multiple records locally and on a college level. She started in the sport of Track and Field at a early age, continuing through middle school, high school and eventually competing on a D1 level.

Brianna knew this was a God-given gift. Brianna has received her dual Master’s in Health Administration and Health Education. In addition, Brianna has completed many high-level training programs that have transformed her into the woman she is today.

Brianna is passionate about helping transform people’s lives through a holistic approach to body and soul. Brianna motto is “What you feed your body, your body will follow. Think positive and you will receive positive healthy results.”

Outside of training her clients, Brianna loves to workout herself, take care of her self care needs and spend time with family and friends.